Master of Metal

"Not all stories are born from the truth. But the stories that are, those stories, take time."

The Master of Metal was our response to GSHOCK's need to launch their new line of metal watches. Steeped in heritage, prestige and the constant desire to #NeverGiveUp, we told the story of a master watchmaker who has devoted his life to creating the toughest watches around.

As it was going to be a big, pre-Christmas campaign across all digital channels, we were going to need a high volume of photography and video assets. On completion of the production, the film was received so well internally, it was decided to elevate it onto television. Working with our partners at Sky, we took the campaign onto their Adsmart platform for maximum, targeted visibility.

The campaign was a huge success with GSHOCK seeing a hugeincrease in website traffic and sales of their metal collection.

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