Sanctuary Spa

Our first project with Sanctuary Spa was a big one; their annual Christmas tv campaign. Sanctuary wanted something authentic. Something that would resonate with real people.

Sanctuary's audience is typically women and Christmas is their biggest sales period with gifting being a massive part of their consumer purchases.

We developed #ALittleThankYou as the basis of the campaign to allow us all to show appreciation to the women, and specifically the mothers, in our lives who do so much for us. Rather than push the product, we chose to sell the true joy of Christmas - the people around us.

Through a nationwide search, we found families who don't see much of each and we committed to bringing them together, live on camera.

We lured Annette (our main character) into filming for an upcoming mini documentary about people who work over Christmas. Little did she know that her daughter and granddaughters, who live hundreds of miles away, had snuck into the back room during her interview to surprise her for Christmas.

The ad went live during prime time spots on national television and we created a whole suite of additional digital assets to retarget people online.

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