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"The Creative" is the trading name of GoFilm Ltd, registered in England and Wales with the company number 09411756

we are The Creative

we are film makers

Be it work (creating award-winning brand campaigns) or play (documenting around the world sailing trips and mountain expeditions), we’re never happier than when a camera is in our hands. We’re passionate about telling the most compelling stories possible.


we are photographers

We know the power of a beautiful image. That’s why most of our clients take advantage of our awesome photos to create standout still assets for their campaigns.


we are directors

We’ve delivered huge projects at scale for a number of clients. We’ve built incredible crews and provided full direction. We take control and manage every aspect of a shoot.


we are editors

The edit suite is where the magic really happens. With a team of fresh-thinking creators on the team we’re able to really craft tight, compelling stories.


we are animators

Bringing assets to life with additional visual effects is crucial for some clients to cut through the cluttered world of content.